Allergicreactions are no news for us. Almost most of us have an allergy of one kind of another formanyonethin. For people who go through seasonal allergy it is the worst because if you know you are allergic to a substance you can avoid that but when you have a seasonal allergy it is destined to happen unless you change your city or in some cases people still suffer through their seasonal allergy no matter where they go and they face the worst flu-likesymptoms like itchy eyes, sore throat,and the runny nose and all.

This is already irritating and some people have worst type of allergies with all the redness in the eyes etc. finding out you have allergy you will have to take a lot of taking your anti-allergy medicines immediately so that you can get rid of these symptoms. Even taking anti-allergy doesn’t help with the cure immediately but in fact, you will have to take medicines and go through those symptoms for a day or two and the symptoms they will ease out.

The anti-allergy medicines are easily available as the over the counter drugs which means they can be bought without any doctor’s prescription. Flonase and Nasacort are this two anti-allergy that are used a lot by the people and there is a little difference between two and this is why we need to discuss Nasacort vs Flonase.

Nasacort vs Flonase

Both Flonase and Nasacort are the brand namesof two anti-allergy drugs and they are actually corticosteroids and they are used to reduce the inflammation and this is how these two medicines treat the allergy where inflammation is the core reason of the allergy. Both of these medicines are not really that different because they both are used for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. The allergic symptomsbecause of the allergic rhinitis are either seasonal or also perineal.

The main difference between the Flonase and Nasacort is that the generic drug is different in a bit. Nasacort has triamcinoloneacetonide and the Nasacort has fluticasone propionate. Bothof them are available over the counter and both are available in the form of nasal spray. Another difference between Flonase and Nasacort is that Nasacort is available in 55 micrograms per spray and the Flonase is available in 50 micrograms per day. Both can be used in adults but Nasacort can be used in children above 2 years while the Flonase can be used in children above 4 only. Length of treatment for Nasacort is short term while in Flonase it may go on for 2 months in children and 4 months in adults.

Storage conditions for Flonase and Nasacort

Flonase and Nasacort have different storage conditions like Flonase can be stored at the temperature between 4 to 30 degree Celsius and the Nasacort can be stored at 20 to 25 degree Celsius only. So this is how Flonase and Nasacort differ in the storage conditions. So this was all the factors that needed to be compared in Nasacort and Flonase.


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