The sale of online drugs is authorized in all over the world now under certain conditions. What are the drugs sold online and where to buy drugs safely? All the answers to your questions regarding Buy Prescription Drugs Online sale of drugs listed below.

What Drugs can be Bought on the Internet?

Only direct and non-prescription medications can be sold and purchased online. The sale of prescription drugs is prohibited by French law.

Why buy Drugs Online?

Buy Prescription Drugs Online has several advantages, especially for people who live in medical deserts and have to move far to find a pharmacy. The sale of online drugs also deals with the owners of automation. Note that health safety is always guaranteed because pharmacists and pharmacists are required to monitor the content of each order and ensure that there is no particular counter-indication. Another advantage, prices may vary from one pharmacy to another. Compare prices between the different officiaries is easier on the Internet.

Nevertheless, buying online drugs requires some anticipation, as there is a need for a delivery time to be anticipated.

Where to find medications online?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 50% of the drugs sold on the Internet are falsified drugs, whose composition and quality are not verified. To find perfectly approved drugs, it is therefore essential to visit one of the websites recognized by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and the National Pharmacy Order.

How to know if the Drug Sales Site is Legal?

  • Before buying online drugs, check whether the site has the following items:
  • The social name as well as the official license number;
  • The identity of the pharmacists in charge of the website as well as their RPS numbers;
  • The physical and email address of the official as well as the telephone number;
  • The corporate name and coordinates of the site hosted by the Ministry of Health;
  • The name and address of the Regional Territorial Healthcare Territorial Authority;
  • The SIRET number, the APE code, and the registration number in the trade and corporate register.

In addition to these elements, the site must return to the National Pharmacists’ College and the Ministry of Health website. These are generally found in the legal statements of the website.

Consult the list of Authorized Sites

If all of these items are visible on the website online store name ”CHEM HEAD SHOP”, a final check is needed. Since July 1, 2015, all ARS licensed online marketing sites must integrate a common logo to European countries. This logo returns to a web site to verify if the online pharmacy is on the list of approved Officine’s. This list is updated regularly by the National Pharmacy Order.

Good to know

In order to sell drugs on the Internet, pharmacists must apply to the ARS they depend on.


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